We currently need help at:

  • Creating a Bitcointalk Thread
  • Listing this coin on exchanges
  • Listing this coin on block explorers
  • Listing this coin on coinmaketcap.com
  • Spreading this coin out to the world 🙂

Welcome to Hexcoin!

What is Hexcoin?
Hexcoin is a cryptographic currency (Like Bitcoin or Litecoin)

Why “Hex”coin?
“Hex” is for hexadecimal. Hexadecimal is another system to calculate.

How many Hexcoin will be exist?
There will be max. 22105263 HEX

How to start?
That’s not that difficult. Take a look at our Getting Started Guide

What is the difference between a Full Node and an Online Wallet?
A Full Node is a full copy of the whole blockchain. So all the data is stored on your device locally. That’s way more secure than web wallets. But be careful, if you loose your wallet.dat file, your wallet is lost!

Proof of Work / Proof of Stake?
HexCoin uses Proof of Work. Proof of Stake is not enabled.

Which algorithm is used?
It uses Scrypt

How to calculate how much I can earn while mining?
Try this formula:
current_block_reward / (current_difficulty * 4294967296 / your_hashs_per_sec / 3600 / 24)